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If you have any questions or need assistance with leaving a review on Google or Yelp please view the instructional videos below. - 08/29/2010
I was walking by Dr Stoll's Offices, and I dedcide to go ahead and get my foot check out.  I had hurt my foot two days before.  Dr Stoll's Staff made me feel like I had come to the right place.  I was a walk-in and his office was full, the told me that they would work me into the schedule. I only had to wait about 15 mins before I was going to the back.  Dr Stoll had the best bed side manner I have seen in a very long time.  He made me feel like ir was important, he game me the chance to aske whatever and as many questioins I want.  He took the time to explain everything to me about my foot.  Very Good Visit! Really enjoyed it!  I told my family, now my family go to Dr Stoll.  Thank You Dr Stoll. - Insurance: Blue Cross/ Blue Shield - 08/30/2010:
I was having some severe heel pain and was unsure what to do.  I ask a friend if she could recommend someone and she mentioned Dr Stoll's name.  I made an appointment the following day.  When I arrived the staff was very friendly and made sure I didn't have to wait too long for my appointment.  Dr Stoll was very helpful.  he explained all of my options for a speedy recovery.  Dr Stoll explained that with my level of pain the surgery ws the best option.  I choose to go with the Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy.  The surgery went great and I flet relief immediately.  I would recommend any one wit6h heel pain to visit Dr Stoll's office. - Insurance Blue Cross/ Blue Shield.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Jay 09/17/2010
Dr. Stoll saw me on a late Friday afternoon with a diabetic needle stuck sideways inside my foot. He scheduled me for the following Monday morning for surgery before he went out of town on vacation. Not many doctors will do that nor be as caring and gentle as he was with me. I have never seen a podiatrist before so this was a new experience for me. The staff is unbelievably friendly and so accommidating it is a huge breath of fresh air. Especially with a situation like I had this helped me a lot !!
The procedure was done and the recovery was under way. With weekly appointments to check to be sure nothing else was going on. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this doctor and office for any foot related treatments of any kind. I cannot say enough about how well I was treated and received by this office. My primary doctor referred me to Dr. Stoll, and I thank god my doctor has such wonderful and professional doctors to refer me to. If I ever have any other foot issues I will "NOT" hesitate to call this office immediately for an appointment. If you don't believe go there yourself and see what is going on. You will not find a better or more comforting atmosphere especially in a doctors office. Thank you Dr. Stoll for doing such a great job and helping me through what was an extremely stressful and painful situation.
Sincerely yours, Jay Ellis (Sept 2010)


User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Michael 09/23/2010
Dr. Stoll knows his business. I see him quarterly since I am a diabetic. He checks circulation in my feet, trims nails, and monitors in-grown toe nails. Also, I get my diabetic shoes from him. He insures they fit properly and are comfortable. It is without hesitation that I would fail to recomment Dr. Stoll to friends and associates. Thanks for a job-well-done Doc.

by Esfir L. (June 2010)
I am writing to thank you and your entire office for the operations on my feet, and also for your profiessionalism, and your positive energy, which you pass on to your patients.
Sincerely, E.L.

by Andrea (December, 2010)
So far, with your prescription, left foot pain from neuroma has subsided substantially. Thanks for your recent presence here at The Renaissance on Peachtree
Appreciatively, Andrea

Roger ‎ - Dec 21, 2010
I had an extensive tear to my left achilles tendon and was referred to Dr. Stoll by Dr. Lisette Tirado as the "man to see". Dr. Stoll fit me into his schedule and did an OUTSTANDING repair job -- my surgery lasted over 3 hours! I am now back on the tennis court and can't even tell that a year ago, I was sitting around in a hard cast and on crutches. I highly recommend Dr. Stoll and his staff for not only their professionalism, but also for the care and concern that they show to all their patients. No long wait times in the waiting room either. Thanks Dr. Stoll!

Insider Pages - January 2011
He was my first podiatrist I had ever seen as a patient. I thought he was very sweet and sincere. The office the first and second visit seemed very nice. The third appt I called in and they cancelled the appt right before it without a reason. They had forgotten to call me. I tried to reschedule but they did not seem to have ANY openings. I waited 3 weeks without a call. I called them back....they said they were very busy. They would call me back. Weeks later, still no returned call. I always wonder if the Podiatrist is aware of this issue. I wonder if he even cares. Maybe he is so busy he does not miss one less patient. I am still surprised to this day.

Rate - 04/24/2011
He was nice and through, his ofice staff rude and demeaning.  I would still be seeing him but for the rudeness of the staff.  They cancel appts at the last minute and never call back to reschedule.. They forget to call to cancel appts also.  There seems to be no coutresy towards the patients by the office staff.  Insurace: United Healthcare.

Elizabeth -June 2011
Dr Stoll is a terrific MD and individual!

Dorothy -June 2011
I have been very happy with my treatment.  What a happy office!

Robin - July 2011
We have had a great experience with your entire staff!  Thank you

Jill -July 2011
Dr Stoll is fantastic and I'd recommend him to anyone!  He explained everything clearly, discussed my options and after 4 years of pain, I'm on my way to a pain free lifestyle.

April -August 2011
Fabulous staff and great doctor.  I am very pleased and would definitely recommend!

Erlinda - August 12, 2011
Dr. Stoll is excellent and pleasant, excellent bedside manner and of course expert in his field.  Office staff- all wonderful.  You guys rock!  Thanks so much - Insurance: Cigna

Rate - October 12, 2011
Awesome Doctor. He made me feel comfortable and that my foot was his main concern. Great bedside manner has a sense of humor and is not arrogant. Dr Stoll truly loves what he does and he is good at it. - Insurance: United Healthcare

Don - December 4, 2011
What a pleasure it was to see you yesterday.  I'm especially grateful that you came on your day off and did not rush to leave.  As you suggested I will continue to see the nearby Podiatrist concerning my foot but will deal with you whenever shoes are involved. - Insurance Medicare - December 29, 2011
I have been to several foot/ankle specialists.  Dr. Stoll is by far the best.  He takes his time and is extremely thorough and knowledgable.  He answered all my questions in a professional manner and wa extremely helpful. - Insurance Medicare

October 6, 2012
Dr. Stoll and Staff: I appreciate the level of care and services you all have offered.  Wth such a serious procedure I was very nervous when we first started on this journey.  With 1 more foot to go I fee very confident I know exactly what to expect.
Thank you all!!

November 28, 2012
Good morning Dr. Stoll,  There's nothing like a belated "Thank You", but I did want to express my appreciation to you for fitting and furnishing my new boots. It took only a few weeks before I got completely used to them. Now I wear them all the time except at bedtime. They feel good, definitely offer firm support, are easy to put on and easy to remove.

November 2012
I had been seeing another doctor for my broken heels and shattered feet. The other doctor had suggested amputation of my right leg below the knee. I decieded to seek out another opinion or two. When i met Dr Stoll and his staff right away they made me feel like everything was going to be ok. Dr Stoll gave me a great second opinion I stayed with him through the recovery of my feet. They always encouraged me by letting me know that there is no reason for amputation and that my life would carry on. Had I not found Dr. Stoll I would be missing a leg. For anyone who is having foot or feet issuses take them to Dr. Stoll and his staff they will help you and be sympathetic to your needs. I Give Dr. Stoll a 5 + star rating.

January 3, 2013
Dear Dr. Stoll, I would like to express my gratitude to you for foot surgery.  Thank you very very much for your high professionalism, kindness, attention, and for your so good and soft fingers.

May 6, 2012
Good afternoon. I wanted to thank you for the superior service that you've provided to my entire family. Your bedside manner is far and away the best that I've ever experienced.

October 16, 2013
I went to Dr. Stoll for a second opinion after seeing a foot & ankle doctor who surmised that I needed surgery. Dr. Stoll agreed that I did need surgery on that foot. I told him that the first doctor thought because of the pain I was having in my other foot that I may eventually have to have surgery on it. I asked Dr. Stoll would he look at the other foot and see what he thought. He'd only spent a very few minutes with me,and told me that if I wanted his opinion on the other foot I would have to make another appointment with him because I'd told the office staff when I'd made the appointment that I wanted him to look at one foot! It was obvious he wasn't going to spend anytime with me since I wasn't his patient. Of course I didn't make another appointment with him because he was so rude. However, I went for a third opinion and was I ever glad that I did. Not only was the third doctor extremely knowledgeable, but he was equally as caring. I actually chose him over the first doctor.   Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield

January 8, 2014
Dr. Stoll,
KJ here.  Was at Dr. Charlie Johnson's office and wanted to say than you again for your great work!  Foot is perfect.
Thanks KJ

January 24,2014
Dr. Stoll,
I can't begin to tell you how much I love and appreciate you for all you've done for me the last few months.  Your staff is amazing and they've made me feel so comfortable. you're still my favorite doctor :-)

July 8, 2014
Yelp: 1 out of 5 starts
What a waist of my time and money today. I went in to see DR. Skoll today and was told when I got there that I was seeing another doctor. When I called I had asked specifically for Dr. Skoll. I was already there so I said fine.
Staff is friendly but did not seem to be that knowledgeable. I found it odd that they wanted to get X-rays before I had even seen the doctor but okay, I went with it. I was there for a second opinion and wanted a non biased opinion, which I had told them but they had to have asked me over six times what the other doctor said.
I had brought in a MRI scan that I had gotten a week before and had the doctor look at it. She did not seem to be comfortable with reading MRI's. When I told her the other doctor told me something different she said "I'm not the best at reading MRI's, so you should listen to the other doctor"!!!
I found out nothing while I was there and did not feel like they were knowledgable enough for me to trust them. If you go, make sure you see Dr. Skoll or go someplace else.

Best of luck!
Alex H

July 25, 2014
Yelp 5 out of 5 stars

I don't know where to start about how happy I am to have finally come here, but I'm glad I did. During way too many years that I care to recollect of having problems with my feet (don't ever wear too small of shoes! Ever!), I've seen about 3 or 4 different podiatrists. None of them were able to help me long-term, and since I started to feel that podiatrists in general don't know what they're doing I didn't bother to look for another one.
Until finally I realized I had to try. And I finally succeeded. Dr. Stoll knows exactly what he's doing. My last podiatrist removed my nails (probably unnecessarily), told me the ridges on my new nails were permanent, and that I "should just wait some more" for the nails to start growing again when they clearly had stopped. Ugh.
Dr. Stoll on the other hand, has been able to fix one foot completely in the last few months and the other one is well on its way. He was able to diagnose the real root of new, recurring problems and offer simple solutions for them. He also has a great bedside manner which is always a plus. I shudder to think of what I would be dealing with at this point if I hadn't seen him.
As for the office as a whole:
Pros: Really friendly and helpful staff, convenient location
Cons:paying for parking, long wait times due to Dr. Stoll working there just a couple days a week, and he really makes sure he spends time with each of his patients (which is also goes in the Pro column).

Kristen F.

5 out of 5 stars

I was referred to Dr.Stoll by my physician for a injury. The staff along with Dr.Stoll are friendly and helpful. I plan to use him as my permanent podiatrist.
Ray R.

To Dr. Stoll and Staff-
This is to convey a most heartfelt thank you for all of your excellent and attentive care over the last few years.  You all made the surgery seem so simple and musch easier to bear.  You really are the most friendly and cohesive office I have seen and are very appreciated!  Yes, I'm still wearing my boot as instructed.....
Again, many many thanks
Lane T



Dr. Stoll has a wonderful bedside manner! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better doctor. Very professional. Answered all my questions and was very clear and through. He explained all my options, and didn't push laser surgery on me. I look forward to continue working with him

Kyle H


12/06/2016 I came to Dr Lay after being treated by 4 previous doctors for my ankle. I was running my 4 miles back in march & twisted my ankle and have been out of commission every since. I've been to a chiropractor, physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon, and my regular dr. After 7months w/ 4 doctors & dealing w/ x-rays, MRI's I was still in a lot of pain. When he came into the room the first time we met and asked me what can he do for me I replied "FIX ME". He laughed and did more x-rays and checked me out he opted to give me a steroid shot & steroid pills. Long story short. He fixed me. I'm not 100% better but I can finally wear heels again and it doesn't feel like I want to chop my ankle off anymore. So yay! Dr Lay was super sweet and easy to talk to. I felt like he listens to what I was saying and he explains stuff to you to where you can understand it. I am not totally out the wind & I haven't tried running my 4 miles yet but that is the next step. The staff here are all very friendly and never seem to be having a bad day. They don't have any free parking that I know of. Usually when I go it's about $3/$4 for parking when I leave so keep that in mind. Over all Dr Lay gets 5 stars :)


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