Severe Big Toe Arthritis
By DrStoll
July 09, 2011
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Osteoarthritis of the big toe joint causes severe stiffness and "bumps" around the joint which makes wearing shoes, running, and even walking difficult and painful.  The joint pain associated with this condition, called "Hallux Limitus" or the more severe condition "Hallux Rigidus" can become disabling, often occuring both on the top and the bottom of the foot.

When we walk, our natural stride allows us to walk over this joint and we use it to "push off" which moves us forward.  When this joint doesn't work we have to change the position of our foot which causes even more muscles and bones to work harder and can potentially damage these as well.  This often leads to tendonitis, shin splints, heel pain, and ankle pain.

Usually, orthotics and injections can help the early stages of this problem, and I urge you to see a doctor to have this diagnosed if this is the case.  The later stages of this disease usually requires surgery which remodels the joint, or if there is no cartilage left replaces the joint with prosthetic joint.  These joint implants do very well and the recovery is fairly quick, usually around 3 weeks in a special walking boot.

The point of this blog though, is to prevent the need to replace the joint.  For that matter, we must remind ourselves not to "walk through" our foot pain.  The prevention of this type or arthritis can be accomlished only at the early stages.  I also urge you to seek out a doctor to make this diagnosis, as there are more than 200 other diagnosis around the big toe joint and the foot that it could be!  Keep in mind that more than 25% of the bones in your body are in your feet!


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