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November 17, 2014
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toenail bleeding after running is a frquent problem from your foot banging inside aruning shoe.  This will make the nail turn black, or start to fall off.

  • If the nail is loose but still attached, put a band aid over it
  • If the nail is loose and coming off just a little bit, you can ry to trim i yourself.
  • If the nail is loose and coming off, and it hurts...see a Podiatrist
  • If the nail is black or purple, It needs to be drained.  See your Podiatrist for this. 

Your toes are the farthest body part from your heart, and they are the most difficult body part to reach.  Stressing and straining your body just to reach you toes can become a chore unto itself.  Its smart to see a Doctor for most foot problems.  You only have two feet, and you use them more often hn you think!


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