inserts or orthotics?

A good question, do you need inserts or orthotics?  Most people generally start with inserts.  This is bought at stores, Target, Wal-mart, various shoe stores.  Inserts don't give you support, they give you padding.  If your foot still hurts, then orthotics are the best conservative treatment.  Orthotics support, inserts pad and thats the difference.  Custom orthotics are the top tier of support. 

If you are thinking about increasing your workouts, getting more active, running, jogging, or just walking more to be healthy think of those poor ligaments and muscles in your feet that need extra support for your newfound activites.  Most people get hurt from starting new activities.  Don't let your feet be the ones that get hurt. 

Getting custom orthotics are usually one of the best investments people make to stay active.  You will have these orthotics in your shoes for years and you won't want to  imagine going without them.


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