Foot Fracture Surgery is Effective
By Atlanta Foot Care Center
February 14, 2018
Category: Fractures

Foot Fracture Surgery is an important procedure that is frequently the preeminent treatment for foot fractures. It’s not too difficult to imagine the foot fracturing considering there are 26 bones in the foot! Fractures can be non-displaced, whereby a bone breaks but stays in the same position. A bone can also break into two bits and move apart, in which case they are referred to as displaced. Fractures can also be seen in a bone that breaks in many places, and are called comminuted. Open fractures are bones that break through the skin. Surgery is the general answer in order to return the fractured bones to their right location. This will promote healing, restore function and reduce reoccurrence. Moreover, restoring the orientation of the broken bones will lower the risk of future complications and pain.

Treatment for this condition involves:

  • Foot fracture surgery comprises an initial incision into the fractured bone to expose it for viewing. The broken bone pieces are thereafter readjusted into their correct places and fastened with metal implants. These implants can be screws, wires or plates. Subsequent to the fracture being steadied the open skin is sown closed and covered with a sterilized bandage. The recovering foot will then be placed in a cast or splint.
  • During the remainder of the healing process, it is imperative that the foot is kept elevated to help reduce lingering pain and inflammation. The foot may then need to be stopped from bearing any weight for up to three months to ensure that it heals fully.

This procedure can be very helpful to those who have fractured their feet. Please contact us to determine if your broken foot bone is ready for surgery. Here at Atlanta Foot Care Center,  located in Atlanta, Georgia, our podiatrists, Dr. William C. Stoll, D.P.M., Dr. Dwayne A. Lay, D.P.M. and Dr. Daalia M. Jones, D.P.M., can help to provide quality treatment that will give your fractured foot the best possible chance of returning to its optimal condition! Please make an appointment today by calling our office at (404) 355-4522.


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