Don't have time for that first appointment? Try the online store first!


Got a busy work day? We work longer hours, and there never seems to be enough time to go to the doctor unless there is an emergency.  The free advise and inexpenseive products offered at my online store may be the first step you need.  Here are some of the things you can try before your first visit:  Now if you have Diabetes, or poor circulation, I recommend coming in to be seen.  But if you have healthy feet....try these before your visit.

1.  Foot Odor and Perspiration:  8995 : Pedinol Ostiderm Roll-On Deodorant & Antiperspirant For The Feet

2.  Nail fungus: 30007 : Elon Dual Defense Anti-Fungal Formula (1/2 fl oz.)

3.  Dry Cracked skin:  30090 : Kerasal Professional Exfoliating Moisturizing Foot Ointment

4.  Cold feet: 618 : Infracare Socks For Cold Feet

5.  The ultimate gift to prevent Athletes Foot:  30167 : SteriShoe® Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer

6.  Heel Pain:  1001 : Ossur Formfit Night Splint w/Tread

7.  Great over the counter arch supports:  10103 : SPENCO Orthotic Arch Supports Full Length Insoles 
                     ... for high heels: 10296 : Vasyli McConnell Slimfit Orthtoics For High Heel Shoes

8.  Great soothing cream for athletes: 588 : BIOFREEZE® Gel with ILEX - Cryotherapy Pain Relief 4 oz Tube.

9.  Great Diabetic Socks: 8007 : NEW!! SmartKnit Seamless Socks with X-STATIC® – The Silver Fiber™ (crew









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