Meet Your Doctors

  • Dr.
    William Stoll

    Minimal Incision in office bunionectomy,  hammertoe, and tendon repair. Outpatient tendon and flatfoot repair

  • Dr.
    Daalia Jones

    Conservative treatment of all ailments including laser treatment and shockwave therapy

  • Dr.
    Jessica Brown

    Dr. Brown is available to provide care for all aspects of podiatry, but shows specialinterest in sports medicine and treatment of podiatric biomechanical deformities.

  • Dr.
    Anastasia Thomas

    Dr. Anastasia Thomas was born in Washington D.C. and was raised in New Haven, CT. Dr. Thomas attended Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Africana studies, with a minor in Pre-med and Psychology.

Welcome to Our Practice

Atlanta Foot Care Center specializes in the treatment of medical and surgical disorders of the foot and ankle such as DiabetesGout Treatment, Bunion SurgeryIngrown ToenailsHeel pain & many more complex nerve and arthritic injuries.

Atlanta Foot Care Center  also has a Celebrity Backdoor and Treatment Room.  

Atlanta Foot Care Center accepts most insurance, and can easily be reached at 404-355-4522 or you can email a request for an appointment. Please have your insurance information available so our staff can verify benefits before your appointment.

Atlanta Foot Care Center is located in the Buckhead Community of Atlanta, easily accessible by MARTA, Georgia 400, Highway 85, Highway 75, and also Peachtree and Piedmont Roads. Parking is easily accessible in front of the office and is secured and covered for a minimal parking fee. If you are disabled and you qualify, MARTA offers Paratransit transportation to this office. MARTA can be reached at 404-848-5826.


  1. Don't ignore foot pain. It is not normal. If you experience any type of persistent pain in the foot or ankle, please contact our office.
  2. Inspect your feet regularly. Pay attention to changes in color and temperature. Look for thick or discolored nails (a sign of developing fungus), and check for cracks or cuts in the skin. Peeling or scaling on the soles of feet may indicate Athlete's Foot. Any growth on the foot is not considered normal.
  3. Wash your feet regularly, especially between the toes, and be sure to dry them completely.
  4. Trim toenails straight across, but not too short. Be careful not to cut nails in corners or on the sides; this can lead to ingrown toenails. Persons with diabetes, poor circulation, or heart problems should not treat their own feet, because they are more prone to infection.
  5. Make sure that your shoes fit properly. Purchase new shoes later in the day when feet tend to be at their largest, and replace worn out shoes as soon as possible.
  6. Select and wear the right shoe for each sport or activity that you are engaged in (e.g., running shoes for running).
  7. Alternate shoes—don't wear the same pair of shoes every day.
  8. Avoid walking barefooted. Your feet will be more prone to injury and infection. At the beach or when wearing sandals always use sunblock on your feet.
  9. Be cautious when using home remedies for foot ailments. Self-treatment may turn a minor problem into a major one.
  10. If you are a diabetic, please contact our office and schedule a check-up at least once a year.
  11. Atlanta Foot Care Center does have an after hours hotline.  Please call us at 404-355-4522 and listen how to contact the on call doctor.

Adult and Children Foot Problems

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    One of my favorite doctors and wonderful staff. Dr William Stoll is the best. He helped take care of me when I had surgery for my Achilles' tendon."


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