What is PRP???
By DrStoll
February 01, 2012
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PRP is called Platelet Rich Plasma.  This plasma is taken from your own blood just like when you get blood drawn for labs.  It is taken from your arm, and put into a special certrifuge.  Then special growth factors and immune fighting cells are removed and put into a syringe.  This can then be injected into a injured area or painful joint with the purpose of healing the injury.

PRP is especially effective at treatment Achilles Tendon injuries, both old and new.  Recent studies show that 93% of patients that have this treatment improved substancially within the first 2-6 months following injection.

PRP is also used to treat Plantar Fasciosis, which is the long term patient that has plnatar fasciitis.  Here, 70% of the patients treated have little to no pain and do not need surgery!

To me, preventing surgery is important and surgery should always be saved as the "last effort" to improve biomechanical pain or injuries.  We are always finding new ways to ge the body to heal itself.  I am happy to be able to offer this to patients.  All candidiates for this procedure must be seen for a consultation before this can be done.


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