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July 29, 2011
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Warts are miserable skin viruses that can attack the bottom of the feet.  They usually develop under pressure points like the heel, the big toe, or under the ball of the foot. We pick up warts by walking barefoot, or in shoes that we may not keep clean.  The virus usually attacks an area of the foot that is dry; perhaps a skin crack or a callus, cut or a scrape. Once the virus is in the skin, it is very VERY difficult to remove it.  Unlike the rest of the skin on your body, the skin to the foot is several times thicker and the wart can get very deep which makes treatment more difficult.

To treat these beasts, it is important to know that a single visit to me is unlikely.  Two to three treatments may be necessary to completely remove the warts.  Treatment may start by freezing (cryosurgery) which is not painful.  If the wart is too deep or too large, I will recommend a medicine I have specially made called Cantharidin (chemosurgery).  This medicine is applied by me and requires you to return in 2-3 days for a check-up.  This treatment doesn't hurt initially, but really stings after the first day or two.  Should your wart still be resistant to these treatments (10% of all plantar warts are resistant to physical destruction) it may be necessary to physically remove them (cold steel surgery).  This may take place in my office, or an outpatient center.



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