Summer Safety Tips
July 19, 2014
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The long hot days of summer are upon us. Atlanta Foot Care Center can help make your feet ready to show off this summer as well as help make sure that your feet are kept healthy during the hot summer months.

Some quick summer tips:
1.  Limit walking barefoot as it exposes feet to sunburn, plantar warts, athletes foot, ringworm, and other injections. 
2.  At the beach, put sunscreeen on you fet, wear shoes aroung pools, shower faclities, and board walks to prevent the likelihood of contracting any bacterial injections.
3.  If your shoes get wet make sure you dry them out completely before your next wearing to prevent bacteria or fungus rom growing.
4.  Limit wearing flip flop sandals.  Spending any long period of time on your feet in flip-flops is risky.  These shoes are flimsy and does not vive the foot cushioning and arch support it needs which can leak to heel pain, stress fractures, and sprains.

For more Summer saftey tips or should you develop a foot condition or injury, conact our offices for an appointent


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