Picking Athletic Shoes
By DrStoll
June 10, 2010
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Things to consider when buying sports shoes.

1. Fit the shoe to the shape of your foot, if you have a fairly straight looking foot choose a shoe that has a straighter last in it.

2. Select a shoe that is rigid in the heel portion of the shoe. Heel stability is important especially if you fit a sports orthotic into it. The heel is the backbone and the supportive stucture of the shoe.

3. The shoe should be fairly flexible in the forefoot area. If the shoes does not easily flex in the front part then as the heel comes off the ground during walking and running the big toe is unable to move properly. Avoid the shoes that are so flexible that you can roll it up. Unless you have been running barefoot since infancy till now, starting to walk or run in these shoes will injure you.

4. When examining the shoe, make sure to put the shoe on the ground and make sure the entire heel touches the ground. If it doesn't, dont' buy it.

5. Feel around the inside of the shoe and check for enlarged seams that may cause irritation to toes.


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