How is your Circulation?
By DrStoll
September 27, 2011
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Did you know that your toes and feet are the farthest body parts from your heart?  This means that its takes a lot longer for blood and nutrients to reach your feet and toes.  When you are healthy this is not a problem, but throw in some high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or Diabetes and things could change rather quickly.
High blood pressure used to be called the "silent killer" because many people didn't konw they had it.  Today this is detected easily at most doctors offices.  PVD, or Peripheral Vascular Disease is now the new "silent killer".  This is a disease of the leg circulation which can increase your risk of stroke or heart attack by three times!
Some people may not even know they have PVD, and some may have symptoms.  Leg cramps, spasms, heavy legs, cold feet or toes, shooting pains, or color changes are the most common symptoms.
We suggest that any patient that may show signs of symptoms for PVD to have this test done as this circulation test can save your life.  It is standard on every new patient exam if you either have diabetes or are over 65 years old.


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