May 25, 2014
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Its amazing why we get fungus back on our feet after a fight with athletes foot or nail fungus!  Most of us don't clean the INSIDES of our shoes weekly.

You can see how fast fungus/yeast/mold grows inside a sweaty, warm, closed in shoe like a slipper, sandal, oxford, or especially a boot!

Think socks will help?  not if you wash them in cold water!  fungus survives on socks in water heated all the way up to 100 degrees!  We really should be treating our socks and shoes as well as our feet!


By Ce-Ce
May 25, 2014
Absolutely Amazing
A Question
By Paul Thompson
August 03, 2014
Dr. Stoll: I use `Dr. Scholl`s Odor-X (w/Tinactin)`. Is that sufficient to kill fungus in my shoes and sneakers? Also, thanks for the advice about socks: I was not aware that the water temperature had to be that high.

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