Fixing the Flatfoot
By DrStoll
August 13, 2010
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Flatfoot is both embarrassing and sometimes painful problem of many people. While the armed forces has decreed that flatfoot is no longer a risk factor for joining the services, it is still a risk factor for harm to your feet. When you have flat feet, the nerves, arteries, and tendons on the inside of the foot get pulled and have to work harder, while the tendons on the outside of the foot shorten and sometimes spasm to counter balance.

The initial treatment of flatfoot is usually special strapping or orthotic management to try and keep the foot in a more "normal" position. This gets rough though because orthotics must be worn at all times....which means it is inadvisable to go barefoot or in sandals....

If you consider surgery for flatfoot, new technology allows the placement of a small stent that goes between the bones in the back of the foot to balance the flatfoot into alignment. It has a very short recovery period which is near 3 weeks until your back in regular shoes.

The alternate for this newer surgery is to lengthen the bones on the outside of the foot, which is a bit more involved, and usually takes about 6 weeks in a cast.

flatfoot surgery is one of the most gratifying surgery to perform and it has a huge impact in many patients future life and exercise routine.




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