Diabetes is Not a Trivial Matter
By Atlanta Foot Care Center
January 24, 2018
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Diabetes is a serious condition that has very real impacts on foot and ankle health.  Any small abrasion on a diabetic’s foot could turn into a severe complication that can result in nerve damage to feet, masking sensations normally felt on them. This condition may also impede the flow of blood to feet, making healing after an injury difficult. Moreover, the diminishing sensation could allow for a dangerous situation since a diabetic may not realize that they have an injury on their foot. Severe complications may require an amputation of the infected foot.

Diabetics may also have high blood sugar levels. Nerve issues may be due to diabetic neuropathy which causes a lack of feeling of cold or hot sensations in addition to not feeling any pain. When the lack of feeling becomes prevalent, it may become dangerous since a wound occurring on the foot may not get noticed and develop into something serious. Foot muscles may also not function normally because of damage to the nerves, causing a large amount of pressure in a single area of the foot.

Foot ulcers can also occur because of nerve damage; however, they can also happen because of peripheral vascular disease. Peripheral vascular disease occurs when diabetes disturbs the flow of blood to the foot. Wounds do not heal timely because blood does not reach the wound site in a normal amount of time. This complication disturbs blood vessels away from the heart.

Treatment for this condition involves:

  • Cleaning wounds on the feet.
  • Medicines to extinguish foot infections.
  • Losing weight to reduce the amount of pressure on feet.
  • Surgical procedures as required.

Diabetes can make any routine daily activity into an unsafe movement. Precautions must, therefore, be taken to avoid complications. Please contact us to start on the road to proper treatment. Here at Atlanta Foot Care Center, located in Atlanta, Georgia, our podiatrists, Dr. William C. Stoll, D.P.M., Dr. Dwayne A. Lay, D.P.M. and Dr. Daalia M. Jones, D.P.M., can assist with ensuring that your feet aren’t a casualty to this condition! Consequently, make an appointment today by calling our office at (404) 355-4522.



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