Corns Should Not be Underestimated
By Atlanta Foot Care Center
November 30, 2017
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Corns are a foot condition that may appear as something small at first, but can later cause significant pain. Our podiatrists, Dr. William C. Stoll, D.P.M., Dr. Dwayne A. Lay, D.P.M. and Dr. Daalia M. Jones, D.P.M., have the requisite knowledge and skill to remedy your feet from this condition at the Atlanta Foot Care Center where we can be reached at (404) 355-4522, and are located in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Corns are a thickening of the skin caused by pressures placed upon it. This condition can result in long-lasting pain or formation of ulcers. Corns are generally seen in athletes, those who spend long periods of time on their feet and anyone exposed to irregular pressures on the foot caused by footwear. Other causes include unusual foot deformities, high intensity activities and neuropathy.

Bacterial infections may occur because of a failure to obtain timely treatment. There are however three types of corns:

  • Hard corns
  • Soft corns
  • Periungual corns (occurring at the edge of a toenail)

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Using powders to decrease any sweat between toes
  • Filing away the thickened skin of a corn with a pumice stone after being soaked in warm and soapy water. This will help to relieve any built-up pressure
  • Placing wedges in between toes to alleviate pressure
  • Using custom orthotics to redistribute pressures on the foot

Corns should however not be cut or removed completely, since doing so can injure the toes. It is also advised not to use over the counter products that use chemicals to soften corns as these methods of treatment could cause unnecessary harm to the healthy tissue surrounding the corn. Medicated creams and lotions may help soften the corns and help reduce pain. When these methods are not successful, surgical procedures may be required to readjust bones to prevent corns from forming again. 

Due to the resiliency of corns, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can determine the correct treatment necessary to relieve your feet of the pain they may be experiencing from them.




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