Ankle Sprains Are Sudden and Uncomfortable
By Atlanta Foot Care Center
December 29, 2017
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Ankle sprains are painful and annoying because they can happen suddenly, without notice. Our podiatrists, Dr. William C. Stoll, D.P.M., Dr. Dwayne A. Lay, D.P.M. and Dr. Daalia M. Jones, D.P.M., has experience treating this condition and can do with great care at the Atlanta Foot Care Center where we can be reached at (404) 355-4522, and are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ankle Sprains can happen when your ligaments over-stretch. It’s common for ankle sprains to occur because there are multiple ligaments that hold the bones of your feet together. The ligaments on the outside of the ankle are the ones that usually are prone to sprain and the ones on the inside are stronger. Risk is highest among athletes since they have tendencies to move their ankles in sudden and abnormal manners. If you experience a minor injury, you can generally return to sports activities within several days. For more serious injuries, it could take a few weeks for recovery. They may take longer to heal if they occur higher up on the ankle.

Treatment that can help alleviate ankle pain and speed up recovery including wrapping the ankle with a bandage so that the pressure can help with swelling, ice packs to reduce swelling and increase mobility, relaxation to allow the ankle to heal and ankle exercises to assist the ligament with a speedy recovery. When ankle pain causes more severe pain, surgery may be required to properly treat an ankle sprain. This is because ankle sprains that do not recover properly may lead to ankle instability. This can lead to much agony if it occurs over and over again. An incision is made over the ligaments that tore so that they can inspect the ligaments in a detailed manner and finally repaired. A splint can be utilized to protect the ankle thereafter to prevent an injury from happening again.

Due to the sudden nature of this condition to cause severe pain, it is best not to allow them to occur that often. In order to protect your ankle from consistent sprains, timely treatment is required. So, please contact us today to get your ankles functioning like new!



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