5 Common Foot Issues for Diabetics
By Atlanta Foot Care Center
April 04, 2018
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Here at Atlanta Foot Care Center, we help patients overcome foot issues daily. Many common foot ailments that can be a breeze to treat for some people can cause a huge pain in the foot for diabetic patients. If you have diabetes, here are a few common issues to look out for:

Foot Ulcers -- Ulcers are cracks or sores that go deep into the skin of your foot. For someone with diabetes, an ulcer can start out as a mild blister from a shoe rubbing on your toes or a small cut on your foot. Untreated ulcers can grow to become serious infections, which can need surgery.

Blisters -- For diabetic patients, blisters can become a serious concern. If left untreated, they can lead to a nasty infection. If you notice a blister forming on your foot, call your podiatrist, and never pop it open.

Neuropathy -- High levels of glucose in your body can leave the nerves in your extremities damaged, leading to a lack of sensation in your feet. This doesn’t directly cause pain, but can make it difficult to notice a blister, wound, or crack on your foot. These blemishes can be serious if left untreated.

Fungal Nails -- Circulation issues and diabetes often go hand-in-hand. This makes fungal nails more difficult to treat and potentially more problematic. If topical solutions don’t rid your toenails of fungus, your podiatrist can help prescribe a regimen of oral medication.

Athlete’s Foot -- Dry skin associated with diabetes can leave your skin more prone to bacteria. Even tiny cracks can make athlete’s foot difficult to treat for a diabetic patient. Chat with your podiatrist for a solid solution to stop this infection.

Our professional podiatrists, Dr. William Stoll, Dr. Dwayne A. Lay, and Dr. Daalia Jones are well-versed in diabetic foot care. If you are diabetic and dealing with any of the above foot ailments, or suffering from any other issues, call our office today. 


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