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By Atlanta Foot Care Center
March 20, 2018
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At Atlanta Foot Care Center, we know that to have healthy feet, you must have a healthy body. That’s why we celebrate March as National Nutrition Month. Your feet do a lot of work for your body, and they need the proper nutrition to keep it up! Some foot issues can be directly linked to diet. There are two essential nutrients that your body needs at any age: calcium and vitamin D.

These nutrients work hand-in-hand to build and maintain strong bones. Calcium keeps the bones fortified, and vitamin D helps your body absorb that necessary calcium. Bones become brittle and can easily be fractured with an insufficient amount of either nutrient.

Nutrition is important at any age.

Starting children on a healthy, calcium-rich diet early is key to helping them grow strong in the future. Poor childhood diet could lead to complications later in life, including weaker bones. Good sources of calcium come from milk, yogurt, almonds, cereals fortified with calcium, eggs, white beans, kale, and black-eyed peas. Many non-dairy kinds of milk such as almond, soy, hemp, and cashew are fortified with double the calcium than dairy. Even through adulthood and into the golden years of 65 and older, your body needs at least 700mg of calcium a day.

Get some sun!

Although you can get vitamin D through many fortified foods or supplements, such as cod liver oil, it can be tough to get your daily recommended amount. For most people, sunlight is the best way to get this essential vitamin. Sunlight converts cholesterol to vitamin D in your body. This means all you need to do is spend some time outside on a nice sunny day!

Ensuring that you have proper levels of all necessary nutrients in your body will ensure your feet will stay strong and healthy to carry you through the day. If you need help planning a healthy diet for a healthy body and healthy feet, give us a call! You can also schedule an appointment online. Our skilled podiatrists, Dr. William C. Stoll, Dr. Dwayne A. Lay, and Dr. Daalia M. Jones keep up with the latest trends in foot health.

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