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A good question, do you need inserts or orthotics?  Most people generally start with inserts.  This is bought at stores, Target, Wal-mart, various shoe stores.  Inserts don't give you support, they give you padding.  If your foot still hurts, then orthotics are the best conservative treatment.  Orthotics support, inserts pad and thats the difference.  Custom orthotics are the top tier of support. 

If you are thinking about increasing your workouts, getting more active, running, jogging, or just walking more to be healthy think of those poor ligaments and muscles in your feet that need extra support for your newfound activites.  Most people get hurt from starting new activities.  Don't let your feet be the ones that get hurt. 

Getting custom orthotics are usually one of the best investments people make to stay active.  You will have these orthotics in your shoes for years and you won't want to  imagine going without them.

Its the perfect time to treat those yellow or thick toenails, and it is easier than you think as well!  Its an easy question: laser, pill, or polish?  probably a combination of them....but let us help you with it!   you will see results as fast as June!!!

Do you want that bump on the outside of your big toe  fixed? Well it can be!  To make things better, most mild to moderate bunions can be fixed quickly with a fast recovery.  Only the larger bunions need extra time to heal.  Which one do you have?  You need an X-ray to find out.  Does it matter if your a guy or a girl?  Absolutely not.  Call us for a consultation, this is the perfect time to fix your bunion before the summer!

In todays day and age, we all think that after an hour on your feet, a little bit of aching is normal.  Actually, its not.  More than 1/3 of all Americans have this problem.  Fashionable shoes, sandals, flip-flops, heels, minimalist running shoes are a mainstream and unavoidable to see.  Here is the problem,  as we grow up, three things happen.  

1.  First, our foot ligaments and muscles get weak.  This leads to the foot straining against all of those 5,000 steps that we take a day. There are very few things that we can do to improve this unless you can wiggle your toes like you can wiggle your fingers.

2.  Second, our body mass (weight)  increases.  This could be from slower metabolism, diet, lifestyle, or just plain genetics.  It is part of growing up.  this again leads to foot straining against all of those 5,000 steps that we take a day.

3. Finally, in an effort to prevent number 1 and number 2, we exercise.  It could be elliptical, treadmill, walking, running, weights, or whatever but for all our good intentions this is the #3 problem for foot pain.  We strain ourselves trying to stay fit, and in an effort to stay fit, our injury doesn't get better! 

Foot specialists are needed when it comes to this.  Images are needed to measure your joint and bones spaces in your feet and to make recommendations.  Listen to your feet when they hurt and get it checked out!  We usually have pretty easy fixes. 

November 17, 2014
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toenail bleeding after running is a frquent problem from your foot banging inside aruning shoe.  This will make the nail turn black, or start to fall off.

  • If the nail is loose but still attached, put a band aid over it
  • If the nail is loose and coming off just a little bit, you can ry to trim i yourself.
  • If the nail is loose and coming off, and it hurts...see a Podiatrist
  • If the nail is black or purple, It needs to be drained.  See your Podiatrist for this. 

Your toes are the farthest body part from your heart, and they are the most difficult body part to reach.  Stressing and straining your body just to reach you toes can become a chore unto itself.  Its smart to see a Doctor for most foot problems.  You only have two feet, and you use them more often hn you think!

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